I have been working in restaurants for over 27 years. April 2, 1984 was my first shift in a restaurant. I have worked every position back-of-house. And, I mean every position -- from dishwasher to executive chef and everything in between. I have worked in private clubs, high-end French restaurants, rustic Italian trattorias, neighborhood pubs. If you can think of a situation, I have worked it. For nearly 20 of those years, a 50- or 60-hour work week was normal. As age advanced and I got married, my desire to spend that much time away from my new bride was pretty low. We were given a nudge by a friend, Bridget Q., who asked why I didn't look into cooking for people in their homes. Restaurant-quality food at home -- who wouldn't like that? The seed was planted and after a few weeks of research Cochon Catering was born.

As with any small business, it takes time. Lydia (my wife) kept her job, and I kept mine while still trying to do as many events as we could for Cochon Catering. We worked for the next two years -- me working a full restaurant week and her working a 9-to-5 Internet marketing job -- building the business as we went along. After two and a half years of trying to balance both work and catering and a personal life, Lydia and I chose to have me leave the restaurant and concentrate on the business and our relationship.

So, here we are -- small business owners trying to make a living and to expand and develop our business. We are using Lydia's experience in marketing to grow our social media presence and optimize our website. I am working at making every meal I cook memorable enough that our clients want to have me back and help us spread the word. Word of mouth has been our biggest source of new clients.

On this blog we are going to be posting photos of the food we have cooked, menus we are doing for different clients, customer feedback when we have it, recipes and ingredients I've found interesting or delicious at the market recently.

I will try to faithfully post. Please leave your comments and questions. If you have a recipe you'd like to have or just want advice on the best way to prepare something, I'll be happy to post something and answer all your questions.