It's spring time and I am currently obsessed with English peas! I have cooked them for a couple of clients and even for a previous blog post. I am also obsessed with eating a lot healthier and losing some extra weight. My wife Lydia and I are both on Weight Watchers, so we are hyper vigilant of what we are eating.

We both love seafood and luckily for us, it's low on points for the Weight Watchers system we are on right now. So it's easy to have a filling dinner with lots of quality seafood and not bust our points budget.

Both Lydia and I love scallops, I know scallops seem to be everywhere and a bit overexposed, but I love them! Either you love them or hate them. More often than not, if you hate them it's because they have been cooked incorrectly. In my experience people who don't like scallops have only had them overcooked. I cook them in a hot, hot pan until they are medium. The idea is to leave them alone while they are cooking so a nice crust forms via the natural sugars in the scallops. Patience is important to get a beautiful golden brown crust.

We made a nice little pasta dish with the English peas, Dungeness crab and a light butter sauce. I even found a pasta that looks like fava bean pods to play into the spring theme called favette. Sear your scallops in a hot pan with a little olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. Cheers!