So we haven't posted anything in a few months and we do apologize! However we have had a really good reason, his name is Owen and he came about a month earlier than we were expecting him! Lydia and I would love to introduce you all to Owen Emerson Frank our first child. He was born March 22nd 2013. I stayed home for the first month while we got used to being parents. Lydia went back to in late June and Owen and I have been spending lots of time together.

I have been doing events mostly on the weekends and later in the day after Lydia is home from work. I'll be back at blogging now that Owen is a bit more manageable and I have our schedule figured out. We just got the equipment to do sous vide at home, we have done a few experiments and they have been delicious!

We will be posting Owen and I's outings to the market, culinary experiments and some basic musings of a new father and chef. Baby food recipes aren't far off I have a feeling, so things could be a little weird for a bit. Cheers, Patrick, Lydia and Owen